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            Pipe Bender Operation
            How to Use IF Heating Pipe Bending Machine

            The IF heating pipe bending machine can be used to bend pipes made of alloy steel, carbon steel, and stainless steel. It is an important piece of equipment to provide bent pipes for construction projects in petrochemical, electric power, and other fields. The operation method of induction bending machine is detailed below.

            1. Install the steel pipe to be bent in place;
            2. Adjust the bending radius via the screw-nut transmission device on the rocker arm rotating device;
            3. Heat the steel pipe by the medium frequency induction heating coil to some temperature and start bending;
            4. The steel pipe is pushed ahead hydraulically and it is deformed at the heating part to bend;
            5. After the steel pipe deforms, spray water at it to cool it down. Thus, the required bent pipe is obtained.

            The steel pipe bent by our induction bending machine features no stress and small wall thickness difference. The bending radius is adjustable within the range of 0 to 180 degrees.

            1. Before operating the induction bending equipment, prepare the equipment according to the IF power supply and IF transformer manuals. Start the equipment cooling water pump.
            2. When the IF transformer is running, even with no load, it is strictly prohibited to stop the supply of cooling water. Waterway should be smooth to prevent water splashing on transformer.
            3. It is allowed to open the main motor to start bending only when the steel pipe is heated to the temperature sufficient for bending and the pipe inner wall temperature is above 910℃ but lower than the permissible maximum heating temperature. It is strictly prohibited to start the main motor if the required bending temperature is not reached or the pipe is not heated. When bending is over and heating is stopped but the chuck is not released, it is also banned to start the main motor for the returning of rocker arm.
            4. Before bending, the steel pipe should be carefully adjusted to make the chuck center consistent with the induction coil center. Also, the wheel used to support the pipe should be adjusted to a suitable height, so as to ensure that the pipe is fed smoothly and the bending part is in the same plane with the straight part.

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